Manufacturing Execution

MOM vs MES: Operation Management vs Execution System

The term MOM is used more and more often and usually in combination with MES. But is there really a difference between MES and MOM? In this article we give the answer to this question.
ERP difference MES

What is the difference between ERP and MES?

Watch here a part of the presentation of Niek Arts during our knowledge session about MES. In this video Niek briefly answers the following question: What is the difference between ERP and MES?
What is MES

What is a Manufacturing Execution System (MES)?

A Manufacturing Execution System (MES) enables the exchange of information between production (people and machines on the shop floor) and the office environment (ERP). The Manufacturing Execution System (MES) receives the orders from the ERP system and ensures that the various production departments are provided with the correct information. This information is collected in the MES and made available to the ERP system.
Pharmaceutical Manufacture

What is GAMP5 (GAMP®5)?

GAMP 5, or ‘Good Automated Manufacturing Practices’ is a non-mandatory legislation for pharmaceutical and food companies. It provides important guidelines for companies that are involved in the development and/or implementation of automated systems.
What is an EBR?

What is an Electronic Batch Record?

Pharmaceutical companies are required to keep batch records in order for authorities to confirm that the appropriate procedures are followed. Modern Electronic Batch Records (EBR) can assist in this process and help companies to comply with FDA compliances. These systems are also able to integrate with other enterprise systems, such as an ERP. An electronic batch record uses various databases that capture data that is recorded during the manufacturing of a batch. Moreover, it uses a business process engine that defines the process to be followed.