Stefan van Ree

Junior Business Consultant | EBR Designer

Stefan van Ree joined Greywise as a Junior Business Consultant on April 1, 2023. He is currently implementing an MES at a customer: “Thinking in processes and implementing them suits me well. You start on paper to get a picture: what is in the documents and how can this be translated into a technical solution? But once I’m in the process I also go out on the shop floor and talk to the customers to see the process from the shop floor’s perspective. That’s how I prefer to approach it.”

“Before this I had many different roles in IT, from Helpdesk to System Engineer and finally Application Administrator. After my internship at MBO, I ended up at my first employer. After several years of working, I studied Technical Computer Science at home. After my HBO, I noticed that consulting and thinking about business processes appealed to me and that has given me direction in my career.”

“In my spare time I enjoy reading, both fiction and nonfiction. I especially enjoy reading thrillers and detectives, especially when there are multiple storylines intertwined. Fortunately, I also have the patience for that. I also enjoy gardening, hiking, and when I find the time I like to exercise intensively.”