Sander Koelewijn

Business Consultant Manufacturing IT | Project Manager
Member of the Greywise Partner Network

Available 24 hours a week | Business Analyst – Technical Project Engineer – Technical Project Leader – Lead Engineer – OT Architect

Sander has more than 15 years of experience in the OT domain. He started as a programmer of PLC, SCADA and DCS systems in various industries. From there he moved on to the design and realization. Sander has experience with various industrial networks and the integration with systems such as ERP and MES. In addition, Sander has experience in translating the customer’s wishes into practical, affordable and feasible solutions, elaborating these into business cases and setting up management organizations (lifecycle management). By merging IT with the OT domain, Sander has also mastered the IT domain and gained experience with ‘cyber secure’ IT infrastructures and architectures. This enables Sander to design and implement associated IT solutions in addition to OT solutions.

As an independent consultant, Sander supports its clients in the design, selection and implementation of process control systems. These are of course integrated into the total OT application landscape, which also includes MES and Historian. Where necessary, Sander also helps with setting up the OT organization at the customer.

Sander is a good discussion partner for engineers, technologists and production employees and, based on his business administration background, he knows how to communicate the problems to management in a clear and transparent manner. This creates support and decision-making runs smoothly and efficiently.