Interview with Jens Hensen

Data driven manufacturing: Manufacturing companies often do not realize the importance of data

“We started some time ago at a factory that still worked with many separate applications and especially many Excel files. Now they work in one MES application for all machines, they have much more structure in their data and the work instructions are up-to-date again. They can now make adjustments much more efficiently and, for example, introduce products faster. That gives them a lot, they say themselves.”

Jens Hensen is a Business Consultant and with his company Orders & Data is a member of the Partner Network of Greywise Consultancy. On February 3, he and his colleagues will give a webinar on data driven lean manufacturing ‘: “We want to show how important data is for a ‘lean’ organization, both operational and master data. By means of examples, we provide insight into the importance of this data.

Jens Hensen