Interview with Kors Oosterveld

The importance of management processes

“The importance of good management processes for Manufacturing Execution Systems, or MES for short, is often underestimated. I’ve seen several situations where that led to problems. In a MES project a few years ago, I saw the complexity of the process and software increase and therefore the number of bugs. You then have teething problems for a longer period after the system has been handed over to the organization. This could have been prevented with a good management process.”

Kors Oosterveld is Consultant and Project Manager at MES specialist Greywise. He has to point out the importance of good management processes more and more often: “Management processes are becoming increasingly important, because more and more automation is taking place and because systems are increasingly linked to each other. If a malfunction occurs or a change has to be made, this can affect multiple systems, end users and management parties.”

Kors Oosterveld