Jos Hensen

Management Consultant
+31 6 12803278

At production companies, I see a lot of room for improvement through the use of modern IT systems specifically for the food industry.

For me, computerization is not a goal, but an indispensable and valuable tool to make production processes more efficient and reliable.

I have worked in various roles within food companies, at a supplier of MES software and at large consultancies. I have also been a production manager and logistics manager and I know the day-to-day operational practice and the decision-making processes in food companies.

I started Greywise Consultancy in 2011 because I think it is important to transfer my knowledge of production ICT experience to a new generation and to further professionalize the field.

Independent advice, the interests of the customer and a good relationship are my top priorities.

As of February 2023, I sold my shares to my sons Jens and Steven. They will build on what I have enjoyed working on for the past 11 years. I will continue to be available for Strategy and Selection projects in the coming years and contribute to training and mentoring new talents.

Articles written by Jos:

Jos Hensen