Netherlands & Belgium

Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) landscape

Recently, we tried to represent the MES landscape that for the Netherlands & Belgium (Flanders) in one image. 

Manufacturing Execution Systems MES in the Netherlands Belgium

In the table below we have added an overview of all MES packages that are currently available.

The top part of the table mainly contains MES packages that are widely used in the Benelux.

Are you missing an MES package in the list below? Please email us as we feel it is important to keep the list complete and up to date.

Wide variety of MES Systems

There are a large number of suppliers of MES-Systems ( Manufacturing Execution System ). They differ in field of application, functional wealth, size, (growth) possibilities and price. The best solution will have to be reconsidered for every situation and for every company.

Widely applicable or specific to a certain industry

Certain suppliers provide software that can be widely used within the food industry. Others focus on specific sectors, for example the meat processing industry. We often see that these suppliers also supply process equipment for that industry.

For a specific part of the process

For example, there are MES applications that only focus on packaging lines. Or on a specific aspect of a packaging line, such as OEE.

Focused on a specific functional area

Certain MES applications focus on registering and tracking the flow of goods, while other MES applications focus more on quality assurance and registration.

Generic MES packages

These are Manufacturing Execution Systems that can be widely used in various industries, for example discrete production, process industry, semi-conductor or automotive. Certain System Integrators have developed a solution specifically for the food industry based on a generic package.

Specifically developed for the food industry

A number of suppliers have developed a Manufacturing Execution System specifically tailored to the needs of the food industry. These packages offer rich functionality and often cover the entire production process, from receipt to delivery.

Developed from the controls

There are also System Integrators who have been active in industrial automation (PLC and SCADA) for many years and who over time have built a number of custom solutions for their customers and reuse these solutions at other customers.