Interview with Jos Hensen

Start on time with the Manufacturing Execution System

“Suppose you, as a food manufacturer, get your raw materials in a big bag and throw it in a silo. You then want to be sure that you organize it ‘first in first out’ and that your tracking & tracing is properly arranged. Many companies think too simply about this, if you think about an MES in time you avoid many problems.”

Jos Hensen advises industrial companies in the field of Manufacturing Execution System (MES) , the coordination of the automation of your machines with the automation in the office (ERP). According to Jos, this is often considered too late, but fortunately also often on time: “We were recently involved in the construction of a plant for vegetable oil, we were called in on time and together with the technologists we were able to make real hits. As a MES advisor you really feel your value, too often you are only called after all the machines have been arranged.”

Jos Hensen