Manufacturing IT Consultant / Projectmanager

Allard joined Greywise on September 1 as Manufacturing IT Consultant/Project Manager. Allard is an enthusiastic, driven generalist with a strong interest in digitization and automation.

For an industrial bakery with 150 employees and later an industrial bakery group with 250 employees, Allard has done various projects in different compositions with internal parties and especially often external suppliers. The emphasis here has always been on data and information both within and between the bakery’s primary processes and with external parties.

During this time, Allard has developed a clear vision of Industry 4.0, the evolution of manufacturing companies towards the Smart Factory of the future and the role MOM, MES and WMS play in this. Allard has been responsible for selecting and implementing a planning tool (Checks), MES/WMS (from Objective/Aptean) and ERP.

The experience and knowledge Allard has gained over the last nine years within the industrial bakery industry, he now wants to use to help other manufacturing companies to also take the right steps toward a future-proof production environment.